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Lyle Wheeler Spinning Wheel.JPG

         Several years ago I undertook the investigation, research

and development necessary to commence a certain reinven-

tion of the wheel.  Many sources were consulted and advice was sought from active spinners.  Many features were adapted

in the design and a combination of Native Appalachian hardwoods was selected for their appropriate use.

          The wheel in the photograph is No. 61 featuring Walnut

and Cherry at the client's request.

      The prototype was numbered 001 and each successive great wheel shall follow consecutively, with the standard model

offered at .............................. $1400, FOB Millers Creek, NC, USA

          A deposit is required to place an order with the balance due at completion.  Customers are welcome to pick up their wheels here at my shop in Millers Creek, NC. 

Shipping is available at current rates.  The crating charge for each wheel is $100, including delivery to the shipper.  I use FedEx and the customer pre-pays the shipping charges directly to the shipper.

           Current wheel on order  -  No. 66

           Wheel No. 63 is available for purchase.

            You are welcome to test drive one of my Great Wheels!

4th & 5th May, 2024

Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival

Howard County Fairgrounds

Main Building booth No. B19

7th & 8th June, 2024

Blue Ridge Fiber Fair

Higgins Fairgrounds

Sparta, North Carolina

July edition of the Craft Fair of the Southern Highlands 

18th - 21st  July, 2023

Arena Level

Asheville Civic Center

SAFF/Southeast Animal Fiber Fair

18th - 20th October, 2024

Davis Arena, Booth #4

Western Ag Center, Fletcher, NC

Or by scheduling an appointment at my woodworking shop nearby beautiful downtown Millers Creek , NC.

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